The one-way bus

“One-way” bus service introduced in Wiltshire

(headline on BBC News website, 19 September 2011)


“The bus is coming,” I heard him say

“So what?” said I, “it’s just one-way”.


I’m used to waiting for the bus –

Three at once, all in a rush.


But things have changed, don’t you know

Now you come back before you go.


From Wilts to Hants, that’s no strain

Unless you want to come home again.


“Limited service” is how it’s known

I think it should be “Find your own”.


For if to return you should like

You’ll need a car, friend or motorbike.


There is, of course, another way

To get there and back on the same day.


The trick to escape a forced stopover

Is move house from Winterslow to Andover.


For that way round, the two buses west

Come back three times, which is best.


What do you think?

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