Shark: Great White, great fright

“Man surfs on shark”

A surfer claims he was knocked off his board by a great white shark and ended up standing on the predator for several seconds.

Daily Telegraph headline, 13 October 2011


Early one morning, just off Oregon state

Doug shouts out “I can no longer wait

To show off my prowess and my surfing skills

To get pumped up with some pre-office thrills”.


After a while he heads back on in;

A jolt – he looks down – that’s a dorsal fin!

Can it be that, just there for a lark,

He’s standing on top of a real great white shark?


Memories of “Jaws” – “we need a bigger boat”

Bring shivers to his spine and lumps to his throat.

As the shark swims away he scrapes at Doug’s board –

But sceptics with no evidence shout “Fraud!”


“Show us the pictures”, they cry, to a man

Not knowing him well till the story began.

“The Coast Guard he saw it,” Doug swears and asserts

Finding that incredulity hurts.


The news round the world quickly it flashed

As Doug tells reporters, quite unabashed,

Of his near miss with the deep’s deadly beast –

Glad not to become its next morning feast.




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