Save water – shower with a friend

(A drought in Atlanta, Georgia, during the summer of 2006 led the Governor to suggest novel ways of saving water)


Share your car, save the planet;

Spread the joy of being green.

But whichever way you plan it,

Regular or using HOV lane,

You’ll be moving fast as granite.


So next time the smog beckons

Find another way to keep the world clean.

Stay at home, let the pace slacken;

Pour a Bourbon, unwrap a praline –

The day will soon be overtaken.


So don’t use the car no more at all

Walk from here to there and beyond.

You’ll save dollars wall to wall,

Saving like a magic wand.

And you can give your friends a call.


‘Cos the best way to save the world

Is to use less water, less wet stuff.

So invite a friend come get unfurled:

Go on – it ain’t all that tough.

Two in a shower, clean as a pearl.


What do you think?

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