Rhyming lines on a new Pope


The eyes of the world turned to Rome

Not far from famed St Peter’s dome.

Waiting for white smoke to billow

Ex-cappello Michelang’lo.

Cardinals were there forgathered

For views and votes – no blather.

Their weighty task, to choose a Pope

Among their number, several hoped.

Then, in no time at all it seemed,

Pale smoke round the globe was beamed.

“Habemus Papam”, we all hear

A quick decision – then the cheer.

Argentinian Holy Father –

South American, if you’d rather.

In any case, he’s not European –

More a Latino empyrean.

So a new papal era starts

Hope in our heads, love in our hearts.

For Pope Francis, let’s all elate

And launch a new pontificate.

© Martin Rickerd 2013


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