Autumn evening



As trees their golden leaves shed,

confirming Newton’s theory said;

As the watery sun mystically lights

this glorious season’s natural delights


As you sit in ambered glow

relaxing with those whom well you know

As you drink a convivial ale

at table in an oak-lined vale


As you chatter, as friends do,

of things you did, and those you knew

As you pass the time of day

without a care for what you say


As distant beasts in fields afar

call their mates with moo and baa

As brooks babble, and rivers foam

you know it’s not the time to roam


As you briefly wonder why

you never did this before, and sigh

As you think life should be this

a zephyr, a falling leaf, a kiss


As the one you love remains –

the others gone, and merely names –

As you enfold her in your arms

enveloped in nature’s golden calm


As moments pass in coupled joy

and lovers’ skills are full employed

As bated breath at last exhaled

proves that tenderness prevails


As, time passing, friends return

and in the dying sun shapes discern

As you realise this day, oh perfect time

was for you, to make the poem rhyme


As for what comes next, who knows?

the moments past are the ones you chose.

As those around you do the same –

note that this is Paradise by any name.


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