Jack, Rottador rescue number 2

Jack is our Rottador (Rottweiller-Labrador cross).  He joined the family from a rescue centre in January 2010 when about one year old, having been found – with his sister, who we couldn’t take – loose on the streets of a local town. We assume they had been abandoned by the previous owner for financial reasons – both dogs were perfectly healthy and well-fed.

Once with us, Jack quickly became friends with the local canine community – and most humans. He also developed an early taste for tennis balls, eating his way through several “specially for dogs” models before we discovered that only Open Championship standard balls lasted more than a few days. Now seven years old, he’s still very playful (and very strong!) and loves greeting everyone who comes to the house – the authorised ones, anyway!  He has been known to try to sit on laps, which can be slightly disconcerting for those who don’t know him well.

After he had been with us a few months he developed a pronounced limp, which turned out to be caused by elbow dysplasia in both his front legs – apparently not unusual in the breed. This required keyhole surgery at a specialist clinic (expensive – thank goodness for pet insurance!). Last year the limp returned, but this time the vet diagnosed osteoarthritis, not a return of the ED, so Jack is now on medication rather than requiring any more surgery.

We used to walk him daily around local lakes, hills and forests, and he loved chasing (but never quite catching) squirrels. His best friends were Blaize (Lurcher), Layla (Husky-German Shepherd cross) and Archie (Jack Russell terrier). After four years or so, we moved to a different part of England, where unfortunately there isn’t the same sort of doggy community and Jack has found it harder to meet new friends, although he gets on well with Old Tyme Bulldog Tyson, fellow Rottie Leo and staffie Manny.

He still needs to be kept on a tight leash when near roads, as he has a strong desire to run out aggressively towards passing vehicles – perhaps a flashback to his time on the streets before he was rescued. Perversely, he loves getting into cars – any car with an open door, not just ours!

Jack is our second rescued Rottador. To read about our first – Bonnie – and the trials and tribulations of British quarantine rules, click here.


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